The services we provide includes:

  • Retail and Corporate security
  • A combination of an unstable economic climate, high unemployment figures and a decreased desire to work, the retail business is often an industry that becomes vulnerable. As people turn to the likes of theft and fraud to counteract the above issues unfortunately it's your business that suffers the consequences both financially and reputably. But this shouldn't and doesn't have to be the case. Ensuring you have a robust retail security solution in place from an expert security company is the only way you can keep your stock from the prying hands of thieves and vandals. This is why here at Red Eye Security we have a range of retail security solutions and loss prevention methods to ensure you are never the victim:

    - Static Security Guards
    - Discreet Store Detectives
    - Theft Deterrence
    - Liaising with the law enforcement agencies
    - Handling of Suspicious Individuals
    - Key Holding and Alarm Response

    With only a relatively small percentage of theft resulting in criminal prosecution, it’s all too easy for members of the public and even your own staff to walk away with your goods. In cases where the outcome results in a conviction you’ll only ever receive compensation for the cost of your stolen items so inevitably you’ll still be out of pocket when it comes to your court fees and the loss of business it may have caused you. Here at Red Eye Security our retail security services are designed with you and your needs in mind.

    Providing that visual deterrence your store needs and a watchful eye over your stock, we’ll equip you with professional security guards or even discreet store detectives that are capable of handling and diffusing any suspicious activity and if needs be detaining any criminals until the authorities arrive. Our expert guards assisted with unbeatable CCTV means that you’ll also have the irrefutable evidence on hand to give you every chance of winning your case.

    If you want to keep your stock out of reach of thieves and keep your losses to a minimum, then invest in a name you can trust with Red Eye Security.

  • Manned Guarding
  • When it comes to security, manpower should never be underestimated, which is why manned security guarding is still one of the main preventative measures to ensure the protection of your premises and personnel.

    With this in mind here at Red Eye Security we invest much of our time and resources into our manned security guards so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Offering much more than a simple security presence and the odd patrol of your building. At Red Eye Security, our manned security officers take a proactive and professional approach with all of our clients so you get the results you want. Whether you’re in need of door supervision for your licensed club or bar, or you need to implement a loss prevention scheme at your shopping centre, our unbeatable guards will take care of your concerns. Not to mention if it’s a dual role you’re looking for with the likes of a reception security service with our flexibility and wide skillset we have the ability to tailor our manned security to suit a whole range of needs.

    Subject to the most vigorous of background checks, training and examination here at Red Eye Security we work to only the highest standards and want to know that all of the guards we’re supplying are more than capable of handling whatever your circumstances may have in store. This is exactly why we want to maximize the potential of all of our guards with extras that ensure you get a better service. From First Aid training to customer service and reception skills to an impeccable appearance we know that it’s not just us they’re representing but you too.

    So if you’re looking for a manned security company then you needn’t look any further as here at Red Eye Security our manned security services will never let you down. Simply get in touch with our team today and we’ll leave nothing to chance.

  • Event Security
  • When it comes to show and event security, here at Red Eye Security Ltd, we take great pride in offering only the best. With experienced Security licenced security guards fully trained in handling all your event security needs, you can trust the professionals in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and securely.

    What we can offer you
    From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout.  Find out more about the range of events we can cater for:

    - Weddings
    - Corporate Event
    - Concert
    - Sporting Events
    - Festivals
    - Charities
    - Exhibition / Conference Parties

    Our security staff also offer a huge skill set involved with event security, including:

    Static security Front of house Crowd management services Dealing with emergencies Liaising with the law enforcement agencies and event organisers Responsibilities such as arranging security and emergency contingency plans and being first on the scene to provide first aid assistance make up only a fraction of the duties of our security guards.  Organising the event entails that a number of issues are safely under control, including the number of people involved, the venue’s evacuation procedures, and custom designing your security guards relevant to your event.

    Additional Event Security services

    As well as providing static security, we also offer CCTV and mobile security patrol solutions.  Monitoring for any suspicious activity, our CCTV systems will capture any potential dangers whilst our mobile security guards patrol the site to make sure your property and guests are safe from harm.  At Red Eye Security Ltd we understand that no two events are the same, which is why our security packages can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

  • Key Holding & Alarm Response
  • Assignment Instructions

    Red Eye Security provides a 24 hour key holding services. We can deploy a member of our mobile response team to attend to alarm activations 24/7.

    We provide our key holding services at a National Level.

    We endeavour to provide a "Rapid Response" key holding service. Clients' keys are coded, security sealed and secured within our Control Centre Safes. They are only issued out to our response team for alarm activations.

    Our Security Officers attend site, assess the situation and patrol the site, report all incidents and fill out all relevant paperwork. Our Security Supervisors monitor all incidents and relays all information to our dedicated 24 hour control room.

    We can arrange a FREE consultation with one of our experienced security solution Consultants and draft up a fully managed, integrated service. Initial client meetings help to establish exact requirements and then a service level agreement is constructed which details specifics of the operation.

  • Dog Handling
  • At Red Eye Security we employ the majority of our dog handlers, rather than subcontracting the service out. All our guard dogs and handlers meet present Government legislation and comply with the law and regulations of Nigeria private security inspectorate body. Both our guard dogs and handlers receive regular training and assessment.

    Guard dogs have a heightened sense of smell and superior abilities in detection, especially at night. When working alongside a trained dog handler, the two make a formidable team against intruders or aggressors. The combination of uniformed guards, prominently signed vehicles and perimeter signage at every entrance acts as a highly effective deterrent to possible intruders or vandals Patrol dogs are used for many assignments from guarding private houses, large facilities, golf courses or any large open area. And many more Red Eye Security will also use guard dogs where Security guards may be at risk or large open areas need patrolling.

    Let us protect you – call us on our 24hrs service 070 4638 5212 to find out how our guard dogs and handlers can be of service to you.

  • CCTV/ Surveillance service
  • If you're worried about the likes of shoplifting and other forms of criminal damage, there is nothing quite as vital as a CCTV security surveillance solution. Otherwise known as Closed Circuit Television, CCTV cameras do far more than detect crime. Posing as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, in the industry we like to call them 'the secret eyes of the biz' because the cameras reassure public confidence and are an irrefutable form of evidence in bringing criminals to justice. Widely regarded as a primary solution for urban dysfunction by the public sector, the benefits of implementing CCTV surveillance cameras are endless.

    Assessing your needs and premises thoroughly, Red Eye Security will ensure your cameras are deployed in the most effective places to catch opportunists even before they commit their illicit act.

    - 24 Hour Protection
    - Monitoring of Most Susceptible Areas
    - Provide Visual Criminal Deterrence
    - State of the Art Equipment & Unbeatable Image Clarity
    - CCTV Installation and Management Services
    - Evidential Recordings of Criminal Activity

    With an on-going installation of cameras in the country due to criminal activities throughout Nigeria   cannot be efficient at counteracting crime by merely being installed. They must be surveyed by an expert security guard, placed in the most susceptible areas of crime, and always be up-to-date with technology and image clarity. What’s more? With the ability to monitor your system remotely, you can rest in the knowledge that your business is safe in the hands of a reputable provider even if your security officer isn’t onsite. Understanding that most, if not all, industries are coming under fire to make significant cutbacks, a CCTV strategy with Red Eye Security actually gives you an opportunity to make a return on your investment because your employees and clients will feel far safer in your premises in the knowledge that someone is always protecting their welfare.

    With this in mind, reap the benefits of our expert security officers who are fully trained and vetted to the highest standards to work with your CCTV equipment, so that you can be sure you always have a proficient person on site to deal with any threat or tricky situation on your behalf.

    Committed to delivering a first class defence against crime at all times, our portfolio of experience trace back to the United Kingdom so you can be sure we will always put our knowledge and expertise to the test, nationwide. Providing you with a value-add, bespoke strategy, tailored to the exact needs of your business, we understand the importance of CCTV surveillance and so we’re dedicated to offering affordable solutions so that your reputation is always intact. Red Eye Security will surpass your expectations time and time again.

  • Mobile Patrolling
  • If you're looking for a great alternative to static security guards, look no further than Red Eye's reputable mobile security patrols. With this solution you can be sure that our fully equipped and trained guards will not only act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, but will also offer security beyond their fixed locations in order to maintain total security throughout every inch of your premises.

    We recognise that visibility is paramount, so when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site each day they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. Understanding that opportunists often take advantage of larger areas, with this package Red Eye Security's officers can provide coverage for greater expanses at excellent value for money. Covering open areas like schools and parks, areas with a restricted line of vision such as warehouses and shipping yards and those too dangerous to monitor on foot, no task is too much for Red Eye Security. This flexibility and our excellent line of expertise means we can deliver extensively planned services so you can tailor your mobile security package to suit the exact needs of your business:

    - Patrol Vehicles
    - Site Management
    - Health & Safety trained guards
    - High visibility boards at entrance and exit points
    - We can provide guards to undertake risk assessment
    - Extensive Incident Reports

    As one of the Nigeria's leading security companies we will not just deliver these services, our security mobile patrols will stop at nothing to protect your business by providing an unbeatable deterrence against crime. To ensure your organisation is completely safeguarded, we will supply security guards that are allocated specifically to the role you require to guarantee the efficiency of the services they deliver.

    Red Eye Security can also offer you internal mobile patrols, where the mobile security supervisor will be permitted to enter your premises with their own set of keys in order to patrol your building as well as its outdoor perimeter. This will ensure all fixtures including windows and doors are locked to deter from crime for complete peace of mind once you have left work for the day.

    Hire mobile security patrols with Red Eye Security and enjoy a service that considerably lowers your risk to crime with impeccable and efficient security guards that ensure your company is completely safeguarded.

  • Professional security drivers
  • Our Security drivers/chauffeurs are aware of an ever increasing hostile society and environment, making sure our VIP's and executive's security is in the safest hands. Ensuring they can carry on with their everyday activities with the knowledge that their security, safety and dignity is being looked after in the best possible and convenient manner for them.

    At Red Eye Security we can supply experienced, qualified, professional security drivers/chauffeurs to ensure the safety of your executives and VIP's. Our security drivers/chauffeurs are highly trained in customer care and client confidentiality, as well as defensive driving, strict route planning, counter surveillance and evasive driving techniques. We realize that the most important aspect of VIP protection is in the route selection and preparation work, including driving the route and checking for all dangers that could be faced along those routes, with alternative routes pre- planned should the need arise for the route to be changed at short notice.

    All cars we use will be given a rigorous safety check, and an inspection for listening devices, tracking systems and any other form of threat that could happen while you are in the car. We can also provide transportation for your loved ones and children with male and/or female operatives who are background and enhanced checked.

    Red Eye Security will ensure our security drivers/chauffeurs will meet you and take you to any destination you require. This could be to and from your home, place of business, business meeting or a vacation.

    Knowing you are in the safe hands of our security drivers/chauffeurs leaves you with the knowledge and peace of mind that all your travel security is in our safe hands, allowing you to concentrate your time on your private and business matters and leaving us to worry about your security driver requirements.

  • Concierge/Security Receptionist
  • Here at Red Eye Security we're not just about meeting your traditional security demands, which is why we offer a concierge security solution unique to your front of house needs. From restaurants to hotels, we want to ensure that you get the most out of the service you're paying for. We understand that we are representing not only our company but your establishment too, which is why we combine our unrivalled guarding capabilities with an unrivalled level of customer service. Our concierge security solution encompasses the following services:

    - CCTV Monitoring
    - Telephony duties
    - Monitoring access to your premise
    - Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
    - Diffusing any unwanted situations
    - Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional image

    These days it’s all about cutting costs so why would you hire security guards and separate concierge personnel when here at Red Eye Security we integrate these services into one professional, efficient and approachable employee? With a high customer focus behind our concierge service, all of our guards have the communication and advisory skills which go hand in hand with their security training and qualifications. We understand that your establishment can’t be without a specific level of protection but equally it can’t be without that customer service element, which is why by investing in Red Eye Security you’re investing in one service which conveniently combines both. Only our concierge security guards offer that approachable face to welcome all of your guests, whilst also having the skillset to subtly diffuse any undesirable situations which may threaten the comfortable and respectable environment of your establishment.

    If you want to hire concierge security get in touch with Red Eye Security today and start enjoying front of house supervision with a difference.

  • Vetting and Investigation of Personnel
  • Whatever your industry or profession, Red Eye Security Ltd will be able to tailor a solution to fit in seamlessly with your own recruitment processes. Where disclosures are required, professional advice will be provided on the correct level of disclosure, which applies to a subject's role or job description.

    Pre-employment searches and Staff vetting ADVANCED's Pre-Employment Screening and Staff vetting services provide our clients with the tools to manage risk, reduce losses, and enhance security while assisting them to make informed business decisions.

    Pre-employment screening by saves time and money by:

    - Reducing risk e.g. of loss, fraud or theft

    - Reducing the number of inappropriate hires

    - Reducing staff turnover and increases retention

    - Reducing the cost of re-hiring, induction, training

    - Reduces a time-consuming job, allowing managers to manage the business

    - Reduces costs because you only pay when you need it

    - Reduces the public relations fallout which is the inevitable result of a sloppy employment decision

  • Residential security guards
  • Criminal activities around the world raises serious questions about integrated security and protection of residence. Residential Security is an important element in protecting the client's interests whether he is in the residence or not. Therefore, in order to ensure an adequate level of security is required a serious approach to the implementation of protective measures. We always take into account client's preferences and can offer either a visual or discreet residential security. Being there for any period of time you need our Residential Security services.

    Residential Security implies the combination of highly trained security specialists and the use of modern techniques designed to protect you and your property from other people, including:

    - Organization of the checkpoint required to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the territory of the yard, parking lot, etc.;
    - Preventive security measures and other measures necessary for maximising the security of area, car parking, accommodation and those living there.

    Comprehensive protection of premises, including security guard of an apartment house or cottage, allows us guarantee the safety of all people living in them.

    Why Residential Security Is The Best Solution For You?

    Residential Security has a very important protective role for home or large professional premises. We even can offer a live-in security while you are on your business trip or just on vacation.

    The responsibilities of the Residential Security Operative are various, here are just some examples: CCTV monitoring, access or visitor's control and mail screening.

    Our Residential Security specialists can work with your present security system or suggest the best means of protection that have proven to be effective in our work.

    You can rely on our Residential Security services every hour of the day for any security associated matter. All our clients receive a professional approach to the protection of their private property.

  • Hospital/Hotel security guards
  • The hospitality sector is one of the most demanding areas of business. With hotel standards subject to constant scrutiny it's imperative that you have nothing less than the best when it comes to your hotel security. As a sector which relies heavily on reputation alone just one lapse in your security could have a detrimental effect on your status and therefore your future businesses.

    This is why here at Red Eye Security we have supreme hotel security services to provide your guests with the comfort, customer service and protection they expect by offering the following services:

    - Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
    - Ensuring the comfortable environment your guests expect
    - Controlling access points
    - Mobile patrols of your site
    - Secure baggage handling

    With the opportunity for crime often more apparent surrounding hotel premises considering many are located in thriving city centres, criminals won't be afraid to capitalise on your guests or property if you have insufficient security in place. From the protection of your guests' belongings to car park patrols to deviate car theft, all of our fully trained and vetted hotel security guards are equipped to combat these threats.

    With existing experience with leading hotel chains we deliver the best service possible to ensure your guests the peace of mind they're after. The last concern on your guests' minds will be whether they can trust that their left luggage will remain intact, or that their room won't be broken into. They'll want to put their complete trust in your service so they can enjoy the comfortable and relaxing experience they're paying for.

    Delivering not only a proactive and efficient solution our hotel security staff put customer service at the forefront of their agenda. In addition to keeping your guests safe we know it's paramount that we offer a warm face to each and every one of your guests. This combined with a helpful and approachable persona means that our security officers are so much more than a regular guard. We can be the front of house you need to make that right first impression and can even integrate a whole host of extra services tailored to your needs so you can make the most out of our time.

    Keep your reputation intact and hire hotel security guards with Red Eye Security and enjoy professional protection with the welcoming touch that makes all the difference

  • Security door supervisor
  • Red Eye Security can provide a quality Door Supervision service to many events and private functions and venues throughout Nigeria

    If your event is a private function, wedding, party, festival or event – at Red Eye Security we work closely with event organisers to ensure that your function passes smoothly without problem or occurrence.

    All our door supervisors are very customer focused and trained to a high standard in conflict resolution.

  • Security & Safety Consultancy
  • Even if you have had security measures in place for many years and believe you've covered all the bases, it pays to have an independent security and safety audit. From government buildings to shopping malls, offices and factories to hotels and private homes, we compile comprehensive, clear reports that will leave you free to decide on your next steps. Red Eye Security will:

    •Identify weaknesses in your physical and procedural security systems

    •Review access controls and CCTV measures

    •Examine accident prevention measures

    •Trace flaws in your Information Technology network

    •Look at the safety of staff, visitors and clients

    •Assess and act to protect assets both tangible and intangible.


    Experienced and Informed. Red Eye Security consultancy department combines both a local and a global reach experienced professionals from a range of military and other security personnel backgrounds with subject matter experts to help provide insights and guidance for all levels of the consultancy procedures.

    Our Security Officers are closely supervised and ably supported by their Team Leaders and Managers. Together, they have the kind of local knowledge and on-site training that will keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. They also have the back-up of Red Eye's Security Control Room. Around the clock.

    This state-of-the-art nerve centre is at the forefront of CCTV technology, supporting Static Officers and Mobile Patrols in the field, keeping check on Lone Workers in isolated and often demanding workplaces – indoors and out. Ready for the unexpected, they're also just a phone call away from our most senior managers, ready to handle any crisis.


We create a crime free atmosphere to our clientele by the use of modern day highly technological equipmentand with well trained personnel. To discover crime before its commission and provide safety for life and properties thereby adding value to our society


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