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Working within the security industry can sometimes be hectic and challenging. Both Red Eye Security Ltd and our clients are aware of this and we believe that in order to be the best, a strong work ethic and recruitment of the finest operatives is essential.

The secret of our success lies in all of our personnel.

Red Eye Security Ltd like to develop long standing and rewarding relationships with all our staff and operatives and are committed to developing each and every individual to make the most of their specific and unique skills and qualities. 

When any new team member joins us, they will receive both basic, job and site specific training and a full induction to ensure that each is familiar and comfortable with their role and responsibilities. As each member progresses, they will be provided with both voluntary and compulsory training through our in house training division that will enable them to increase their knowledge and skills and further their careers with us.

Compulsory training is for members of staff at all levels and is carried out at six monthly intervals, it covers client relations, performance duties, conflict management and resolution, physical intervention, breakaway techniques, control & restrain and Red Eye Security’s policies and procedures.



Red Eye Security Ltd are quick to recognise and reward the hard efforts and work by all our staff and operatives, we carry out an in house award scheme on a monthly basis for all staff and operatives.

We believe that a hard working and dedicated team provide the finest of services for our clients and as such, help us to build upon and strive our reputation for excellence.


Interested in joining Red Eye Security Ltd ?

If you are interested in joining Red Eye Security Ltd, please view our latest careers vacancies here. Our latest careers vacancies pages will also give details on how to apply for all vacancies.

All of our current vacancies are also posted and updated regularly on our Facebook and our other social and business media. Please follow us in order to get the latest updates.

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Our Security Officers are closely supervised and ably supported by their Team Leaders and Managers. Together, they have the kind of local knowledge and on-site training that will keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. They also have the back-up of Red Eye's Security Control Room. Around the clock.

This state-of-the-art nerve centre is at the forefront of CCTV technology, supporting Static Officers and Mobile Patrols in the field, keeping check on Lone Workers in isolated and often demanding workplaces – indoors and out. Ready for the unexpected, they're also just a phone call away from our most senior managers, ready to handle any crisis.


We create a crime free atmosphere to our clientele by the use of modern day highly technological equipmentand with well trained personnel. To discover crime before its commission and provide safety for life and properties thereby adding value to our society


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